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By Shaily Dahlan & Saket Mangla


‘While studying the biological, sociological, psychological and criminological details about the victim- victimology brings into focus the victim-offender relationship and role played by victim.’ By- E.A. Fattah
This paper aims to study the laws which have been amended and the provisions inserted in laws for the benefits of victim. This is a new emerging concept which focuses on victims as well and studies about their condition. There are many theories regarding victims. The researcher has tried to give a note about the theories and has discussed about their rights. Various important case laws have also been discussed which have led to this shift in India. Offenders are punished in all the countries but is this the real justice? What about the impacts on victims? The researcher has tried to deal with the crime from the point of view of the victim. What was their fault, how they have to face the society after being victim, the monetary loss suffered by them, etc. The researcher aims to bring in light the amendments in laws with regards to victims in India.
Victim, victimology, victim compensation, victim rights.

TypeResearch Paper
InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 353-360
ISSN 2582-5216
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