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By Divya.S


Despite Indian history tells a different story of the transgender community, now they are facing social ostracization. The transgender community often gets misrepresented in the media. Historical representations of transgender characters in fictional television have featured stereotypical and negative portrayals that do not accurately reflect the real experiences of transgender people. Both the quantity and quality of transgender representation across all forms of media is an issue. As a whole, the transgender community faces a lot of prejudice in Indian society, and current transgender representation in the media has the power to reinforce negative stereotypes. Media focus on transgender characters in a joking nature, making light of transgender struggles and reinforcing common misconceptions and negative stereotypes of what it means when a person is a transgender. Media outlets are irresponsible with the portrayal of the transgender community. The media is more accountable towards society for the information it dispenses. As important, if not more so, is society holding itself accountable for what it chooses to believe. It is the need of the hour to explore various issues on problems related to the third gender portrayed in the films. Cinema provides viewers with the ideologies and beliefs sensationally through celebrities and distorts reality. This paper analyses the depiction of the third gender issue in various forms of Indian media and the need for representation of such gender/sexual minorities is important in the context of a society, especially in the current day and age.
Transgender, Media, Social ostracization, Sexual minorities, Portrayal.

TypeResearch Paper
InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 231-237
ISSN 2582-5216
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