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By Medishetty Manaswini


Medical records play a notable role in the profession of doctors and hospitals. Maintenance and preservation of medical records is a critical part of clinical and medical criminal practice. This is the least troubled and most not noted segment in scientific practice, growing nations like India. Medical records are good in assisting the medico topics and in cases of negligence filed against the medical practitioner. Preservation of the records or scientific information can help the doctors from unsightly situations. Indian regulation isn’t always very clean approximately the facts of medical facts. There are some guidelines issued by Medical Council of India regarding retention and preservation. We are moving towards Electronic Medical records (EMR) so technical development regarding the same should be done. There are some standards given for EMR.
The paper puts light on why medical records are considered as important in doctors’ profession and hospitals, till how many years medical records are retained, and when the destruction of the medical records can be done.
The object of the paper is to highlight the developments in a legal manner. Some judgments have changed the course of this issue and enlarged the meaning of some laws and rights provided in the Indian statutes and Constitution.
The author tries to highlight the role of the Indian judiciary in the research paper. The paper also talks about the foreign laws which are the need of the hour to tackle this severe growing situation and the need for proper regulation and implementation in the country.
Medical records, preservation and maintenance, Medical Council of India, EMR.

TypeResearch Paper
InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 216-230
ISSN 2582-5216
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