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By Monika Punia


Problems of medical negligence are on an uprise in the country, many incidents do involve an intentional malefaction. The purpose behind doing such an act of malpractice could be backed by monetary benefits. There are numerous loopholes in the existing healthcare system of the country through which such acts of medical malpractice could be done, and all the persons involved in the chain reaps benefit out of it. The only person who suffers in this entire act is the needy patient, who needs the help in the healthcare system and will be paying hard earned money.
Technological advancements have taken place at a fast pace in the last few years, all these innovations have helped a lot in improving the status of healthcare system in our country. The efforts taken by the government after the post pandemic situation of coronavirus can also not be neglected, but along with the efforts to improve the system the complaints of medical negligence and medical malpractices cases are also increasing. Such cases do pose a question on the sanctity of the entire medical profession. In India we have seen private healthcare system flourishing after privatization was allowed in India in various sector after 1991. Foreign investors were attracted towards the raw market of Indian healthcare system and raised funds to establish various private hospitals, these private hospitals and clinics were not even regulated properly. Many people suffer injury because of being in the hands of corrupt health care workers and do not report it because they are often uninformed of the available complaint mechanisms. One of the key reasons that private nursing homes and hospitals grew in India was the lack of a strong regulatory framework for standards and ethics.
In the article, the researcher would emphasize on the measures which could prevent such frequent incidents of medical negligence and medical malpractice in India. Government’s obligation and a strict regulatory mechanism together could impose more accountability on the healthcare professionals and would make the entire system more hassle free and transparent for the service seekers.
Health, Medical Negligence, Human Rights, Medical Malpractice, Doctors.

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InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 153-163
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