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By Aayushi Gupta


National Security is a far-reaching idea accepting social, political, monetary, military and discretionary matters. Contrastingly, our nation views national safety with a myopic or a near-sighted view. A modern state faces different and concurring challenges across a few spaces. National security can’t be, thus, restricted to the utilization of the state’s coercive ability to defeat homegrown and outer dangers. For instance, dangers to homegrown harmony and soundness may emerge from social and financial grievances. A kneejerk response might leave these complaints unheard while the use of coercion or force intensifies instead of alleviating the problem. In an advanced state, the line of what is domestic and external is becoming increasingly ambiguous and vague. For instance, terrorism might seem like a threat to internal safety but could have externals links. Thus, the country needs to adopt a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to deal with the same.
In contemporary times, a neo-conventional threat to national security exists in the form of space threats. It is true that several advancements in the domain of space innovation have significantly helped our mankind. But it also marked the emergence of space security issues. In recent times, space technology is used to varied purposes like, meteorology, broadcasting, navigation and especially internet. In lieu of greater reliance on space-based assets, there emerges a prospect that these resources might be tampered with by external factors, be it non-state or state forces. And a space-faring nation like ours, who is invested in furtherance of space innovation, needs to ensure that our resources are safeguarded. And the ever-changing global scenario or space order also gives place to newer and unforeseen issues. Considering all this, it is high time our nation came up with an effectual and a comprehensive Space Security Policy.
Space security, foreign policy, Space militarization.

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InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 164-179
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