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By Vaishnavi Shukla


This paper sheds light on one of the most heinous crimes that occurs in our society, despite that it is comparatively less acknowledge by the media and the legislative and judicial system in India: Honor Killing. Honor Killing is a cruel practice, which has been prevalent in India since decades, still the lawmakers have failed to formulate laws to curb this barbaric crime. This paper will attempt to encapsulate the reasons behind these killings and will also try to bring to light, the socio-cultural factors which lead people to shed the blood of their own daughters, sisters and young men. This crime leads to the blatant violation of not only the Constitution, but also of various national and international laws and conventions which are also mentioned in the paper. Apart from this, it will also present the current laws under which the people committing this crime can be punished, and will also talk about the loop-holes, which are exploited by the offenders to get away with this, and why these laws are not strict enough to control this problem. In the end, this paper will also suggest some measures to tackle this problem at the grass-root level as well as through judicial and legislative actions.
Honour killing, crime against women, Constitution of India.

TypeResearch Paper
InformationLex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, Volume II issue IV, Pages 575-582
ISSN 2582-5216
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