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By Carol James & Sri Rakshaa B.

“Portrayal in whatever form should pave way for progression in order to empower women.” Communication is a very significant factor within which the crucial and influential role of mass media remains unsurpassable. It is observed that the growth of women’s education and their entry into employment has contributed to the development of media. Women can play this role only when they become conscious of their strengths and are not deliberately marginalized by male domination. In this milieu, Media has a vital role to play.
In recent years, there has been a rise in alternative media platforms other than the traditional media sources such as the Print and visual media. The development of digital media has taken away the monopoly control of the main traditional media and this has resulted in the communication of information that goes viral in a few matters of seconds. Under this head, the authors of the research paper will be analysing four major issues: (i) Media’s role in the depiction of crimes against women both within and outside the conflict zones (ii) Media’s role in influencing gender stereotypes (iii) Media’s role in the indecent portrayal of women and (iv) The role of media in circulating hate speech against women. The research paper offers possible solutions both at the national and the international level in combating these crimes and also the binding IHRL obligations for the same. Further, the United Nations in the year 2015 in its UNGA Resolution 70/1 adopted the 2030 Agenda which emphasised on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Authors of the paper will be concentrating on three of its SDG’s in order to enhance media peacebuilding which will be elaborately discussed in the research paper. On a conclusive note, the authors of the research paper would like to emphasise on three factors: Prohibition of hate speech, Prevention of gender strife and Proper representation of women paving way for their progressive growth.
Key Words: Hate Speech, Portrayal, Gender Stereotype


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