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By Divyansh

This article deals with one of the major drawbacks not only amongst youth but also adults that is “drugs” which is a substance that alters the physical functioning of the body of an individual which affects their mental health and is considered fatal for the society. This also affects psychological functioning of the mind. This article mainly deals with impacts that drugs leave on the individual’s life and on the society. In newspapers, social media, television we come across different incidents of people taking drugs and we also hear about some drugs that is seized from their places which is illegal. The article mainly focuses on the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Bill,1985, it further deals with the symptoms of addiction and punishments which is given when caught with drugs which is the not less than 10 years and also penalties which can be 1 lakh or more based on the quantity. From the past till today, drugs have left its worst impact on the society. This article also reflects the addiction of drug which can destroy their whole life and can give rise to crime. There are end numbers of cases where people were caught in drug peddling and consumption of drugs which can make person mentally unwell. In recent most of the Bollywood celebrities were also involved in drug abuse many of which came into light. Therefore, drugs can give rise to crime and destroy the peaceful decorum of the society. Drug abuse not only affects individual who consume it but also to their families. Lastly, the article highlights the importance of NCB and different types of drugs affecting individual mental health.


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