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By Richa Mishra

This study will explore India’s status and response with respect to Climate Change. As per the report of National Communications Report of India to the UNFCCC, climate change is probably going to affect all the natural ecosystems as well as socio-economic systems. The possible effects of climate change are a lot varied and the prompt need to address these unfavorable effects is universally endorsed. The paper would start by giving an insight with regard to Climate Change, its extreme impacts and the way nations have addressed the question of sharing out responsibilities regarding mitigation. The paper would go on to explore India’s response to Climate Change by reviewing its history. The author then throws some light over the relevant ministries and government institutions responsible for setting targets and formulating policies with respect to climate change related activities in the country. The paper will present a comprehensive understanding regarding legal and policy framework on Climate Change in India stressing upon key mitigation initiatives at the national level and how it acts as a strategy for sustainable development. It will also discuss the most significant enactments that come close to tackling the problem of climate change. The paper would then cover the concept of Climate Change Litigation in India. It will further go on to give an address to the International Commitments. The data of the project will be based on extensive research done from various legal resources. The research work follows secondary sources like articles, journals, research papers, and study materials.
Keywords: climate change, mitigation initiatives, sustainable development, legal and policy framework, climate change litigation


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