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By Master Piyush Kranti & Astha

The association of gender and society has been the most delicate one. Gender has been shaped and structured by the preconceived notions set by society. People often contend that “Blue is for the guy and Pink is for the girl!” There are various norms for masculinities and femininities in the society we live in. A man has to be the “alpha type” and the female being soft-spoken and conforming. These notions of what and how people with a certain gender identity should be are rather conflicting in nature. Any deviation, whatsoever, is very obvious to give out unsolicited sanctions by the society.
Off shooting from these unwritten norms, is the vilest and destructive form of masculinity – the “Toxic Masculinity”, a form of far stretched, long-drawn form of social system where men with certain desirable characteristics are considered superior and desirable to everyone else. Dominance over all other genders, downsizing women, misogyny, homophobia, and violent behaviour are some of the favourites of men with toxic masculinity.
Toxic Masculinity has been deeply rooted in our socialization process, our cultural practices, our thoughts, and whatnot. Consciously or not, we often tend to promote these dark values of society. From the movies we watch to the dresses we wear, we often are the victims of toxic masculinity in ways we haven’t had thought of.
Toxic Masculinity is the mother of all social ills. From domestic violence to marital rape, Toxic Masculinity is the breeding place for every form of social deviance we see today. How fatal is Toxic Masculinity? Can Toxic Masculinity be stopped? How can we mend our men for a better tomorrow? All of these questions have been answered in the paper.
Keywords: Toxic Masculinity, Emphasized Femininity, Domestic Violence.


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