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By Swarnith Satya Prasad

The role of International Humanitarian Law is not to stop the war; however, it aims at reducing casualties by providing various provisions to minimize the effect on civilians and civilian objects. The century-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is significant as; both have not come to any methods of achieving peace amongst themselves. After emerging victorious in the Arab war Israel stood as the emerging power in the Arab region as the one only Jewish state. Israel has occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights through mass violations of various provisions of IHL and Human Rights.
To gain control over the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, Israel is known to have relocated many military objectives and Israeli citizens to these locations. In such a process, the true landowners of the territory have been forced to move out of their homes. Due to the ongoing armed conflict civilians are essentially the target either with or without intention. The most vulnerable amongst civilians are women and children where women usually get envisaged in the entire outcome of the war.

In conclusion, this paper would suggest a fair means of bringing the ongoing conflict to an end by adopting three basic measures established by the provisions of IHL. Also, the role of ICRC should become more proactive and effective in handling ongoing situations like the Israeli-Palestine conflict.


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