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By Shruti Dhar

We believe that the world’s development is comprehendible by a human mind. What we fail to realise is that there are millions of human brains working in different directions and compiling the information in various different manner. The biggest development as a result of this is computer and its network. The wide spread internet poses more danger than the benefits assumed. What started as a security method has now turned into a vast net of crimes which anyone can fall prey of. Stalking is one of the most casual words which we use in our day to day lives and fail to realise that it is way more serious than it appears to be. Almost 50% of the human population falls prey to stalking and the rest 50% is the one who is committing it. It is hard to detect stalking as an individual crime as it does not pose any harm unless combined with any other crime. Why is it done? Who does? Why does anyone resort to it? These are some of the frequently asked questions.
Key words: Stalking, Cyber-crime, cyber stalking, crime, cyber law, law.


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