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By Sharda Patidar & Surbhi Dadhich

Through this paper, the researcher wants to explain the legal regime of Trade Secret Protection in India. Trade secret, as a new figure of intellectual property, is very significant and is gathering abundant magnitude; because in the era of globalization, dissatisfaction or achievement of any company depends on its secrets- let them be strategy related secrets or information of their clients. Trade secrets present the commercial world, a spirited edge over the competitors and consequently, one must ensure that he/she effectively protect his/her business-related confidential information from the competitor. The rule of trade secret law is to defend, uphold, and encourage patterns of commercial ethics and reasonable dealings and it persuades modernization as well. Ever since the benefits in the information economy are quickly rising, it is giving growth to the trade secrets in becoming Intellectual Property of Choice. So, to achieve the capable simplicity in the commercial transactions, there is an imperative need for outlining the legislation, so as to appropriately safeguard the trade secrets in India as for the fine functioning and reasonable competition of a company in the market.
Through this research paper, the researcher is putting an effort to highlight the laws dealing with trade secrets in India. Further, using case law examples, a conclusion will be proposed which seeks to ease the shortcomings faced by the possessor of trade secrets. How the law defines trade secrets, how it protects them and the recommended actions will be critically assessed in the practical scenario.
Keywords- Trade Secret, Confidential, Legislation.


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