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By Geetanjali

It is a well-known rule of practice in the legal fraternity, being an honourable and noble profession, one practising the law is not one to engage in any other profession or business. It is one of many rules maintained by the Bar Council of India, known as the Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette. Even though the financial crunch faced by many of those in this profession is being brought to the limelight in the face of this novel Coronavirus pandemic, I am writing this article to highlight the logical flaws in these archaic rules that are in effect not only during these dire pandemic times but even otherwise, blocking other interesting opportunities and avenues to individuals choosing this profession, thereby sanctioning a slow death to unexplored talents as well as to possible substantial contribution to the economic growth. Despite the high ideas of losing the collective capacities of such individuals and making a positive mark in the economic sense, permitting legal professionals to try and develop skills and businesses beyond their legal profession will promote the growth of the individuals and would, most definitely, give them a way to channelise their many non-overlapping talents into monetary benefits that may support them in place or in addition to their legal profession, which in simple words is an honourable but risky freelance business. Keeping only a few logical restrictions, it is the duty of the authorities to protect the interests of its professionals, including their economic interests.


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