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By Medhiyaa Ramesh & Aparajita Dev

God bestowed the earth with innumerable natural and spectral elements, one of the most precious and important being flora and fauna. The issues of humans are addressed better because they are capable of communication unlike animals and plants. A layman may not be able to interpret and understand these creatures, the problems that they face and thus their safety and needs are given least importance/ priority. While religions and religious scriptures give significant weight and respect to animals, some of their practices, rituals and actions are contradictory to the same, even though we preach about animal safety in the present era, our religious history gives a divergent opinion, hence putting animals in a difficult dilemma. The quote “give respect, take respect “applies not only to humans, but also by humans towards animals. This can be most related to the saying by Louis L Amour”. “If you throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs, the one you hit will always holler”. This can be interpreted as a way of bringing harm upon oneself while trying to prevent a harm in the first place. Why to inflict harm upon other beings and disrupt their lives, when a peace-loving amicable surrounding could be created? the article will be emphasizing on the injustices and harm done to animals, the various animal crimes that are most prevalent in India and other countries, the legislations that govern these crimes and the precedents laid down with the motive of emphasizing the existence of these laws and the penalties for each. The article will further dwell into animal cruelty in the current COVID-19 times and in detail about the various reforms that could be implemented to eradicate animal cruelty as a whole. Further, this article will also include case studies and survey of various animal welfare organizations and NGO’S taking into consideration their views, opinions on making this world a better place for these beings.
Keywords: Spectral, Fauna, Holler, Precedents, Dwell, NGO’S


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